February 4, 2017


It's taken a while to get right and even then it's disputable that I have but one thing we do around here is follow through on ideas. This is the first post on the brand new look website. Not only can you read regular posts here but you can take a look at products and shop for them by clicking on the Crafty Little Things shop button at the top of the page. 


I'm also delighted to have recently become an official Stampin Up! demonstrator so now we can show you how to make wonderful handcrafted items using the really fab, high quality Stampin Up! range and you can easily shop for anything you fancy giving a try yourself. Just click on the button above to to to the Stampin Up! shop and order.


Stampin Up! craft projects and tutorials will be a regular feature of our blog as well as other craft tutorials, updates, giveaways and other promotions and relatable content such as the trials and tribulations of running a small business. 


Crafty LIttle Things is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and now you can also drop in on You Tube where you will find regular video tutorials, product reviews and other craft related content as well as running promotions. Watch out especially for Stampin Up! Sundays and a new Stampin Up! demonstration video each week and  Wooly Wednesdays when there will be a yarn related craft tutorials, demos or product reviews uploaded each week.


Crafty Little Things has been around since 2015 and has gone through many transitions and will no doubt go through more as it ichanges to suit  customers' needs. The aim is to provide a range of hand made items which are customisable and therefore unique to have as one off bespoke home interior items or to gift to special people in your life. Another aim of Crafty Little Things is to encourage people to be more creative and budding entrepreneurs to build their own businesses so you will find tips and information on doing that too. It is a key goal to be able to offer a showcase and retail platform for other hand crafters who may not have the skills or time to create their own.


Crafty LIttle Things really hopes to build an interactive community not just a customer base and so it would be great if you joined in with that. 


Thanks for dropping by!




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