Crafting for Balance

May 13, 2017

Some people have crafted their whole lives non stop. Some have made it their life long career and others come back to it as a passion in later life having not had time for it in the hectic years of being a teen, a twenty something and a thirty something. Some have only come into the crafting word as an older adult as they've found the guts to give something a go (Pinterest and You Tube must have had a huge impact on the number of these crafters) others have been encouraged to use craft as rehabilitation for either mental or physical illness and others who have become disabled have taken up crafting as something they can still do with limited mobility and increased spare time.



However you came into the crafting world Welcome! It's a fantastic world of imagination, creation, opportunity, recognition, learning, sharing and accomplishment. As well as one where you will never need to think twice about what you spend your 'spare' money on again or what you will do with that space in your home. There is often negativity about the internet and yet it has allowed crafters to participate in global, national, regional and local communities where they share ideas and thoughts with fellow crafters, where they can belong and feel a real part of something even if they feel isolated in their 'real' lives. Enjoying fellowship and sisterhood and all that goes with it is a fantastically valuable element of life for so many crafters.


Crafting can add balance to our lives at any age, no matter what stage we are at in our personal development we have stresses. Stresses of youth, education, growing up, finding ourselves, discovering our talents. Stresses of young adulthood, education, independence, relationships and work. Stresses of family life as we become mothers and fathers, balancing work, career, children, dog and two cats and associated financial pressures of all that provision and responsibility build. Stresses of providing a home, maintaining it and keeping everyone in it alive and well, working through never ending piles of laundry, cooking never ending batches of food, monotonously ground hog day like getting through days keeping things neat and tidy. Stresses of older adulthood as we face potential illness and ailment as our bodies start to wear out, menopause sets in and he midlife crisis descends. Our kids start to lave and our home starts to empty and we have more transitions to go through as we find the 'me' with more time, more money, less responsibility. And so it goes, we are always transitioning, always moving, always stressing over something.



Crafting can really help with all of that. It gives us time and emotional space (and if we're lucky enough physical space) to indulge ourselves. To switch off from all that we have to do to get us through these various transitions of life and free our mind. It gives us breathing space.


Crafting creates not only things, more importantly it creates 'me time' it allows us to be self indulgent in a world where self indulgence is sometimes seen as irresponsible or selfish. It is a wholesome distraction and allows us to feel that we have accomplished something in a life where much of what we do never feels finished or has no end. We can take ourselves away, create something and sit back and look at it and feel satisfied saying "I did that" even if it's not that good. 


Take time to create, you won't regret it and it will balance you out so that you are stronger and better equipped to do all of that never ending essential stuff.



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