Getting Away From It All In The West Country

May 20, 2017

Sometimes you just need to take a break and get away from normal life. Go crazy treat yourself have fun and relax. Especially when you are self employed and find that you work almost constantly. A break can be refreshing and  ultimately make you more productive even though like many of your fellow self employed you worry about carving a few whole days out of your work schedule.


Well here's the news... the work will still be there when you get back and the world will not have come to a standstill without you. What's more you'll probably find that you carry out that work more quickly and efficiently after having had a break from it.


People who take breaks, take their annual leave, don't take work home with them are less likely to suffer from stress and depression less likely to burn out and less likely to be unwell. All of this combines to make them a better worker either for themselves or for someone else. So take breaks, get away, have a day out, do something spontaneous, switch off the computer and phone and step outside of your work self for a few hours, a day , a few days or longer! You will feel better for it and your business will probably do better for it too.


Here's a few piccies from my recent step out of my work self where I took a spontaneous trip to the West Country for what was to be a day but ended up being three days, taking in Cheltenham Spa, Bath and Cardiff. It was fabulous and definitely shows that you don't need to go far or for long to feel totally refreshed and ready to tackle anything. We had a couple of fab dining experiences besides touristy and shopping stuff, our first Tibetan cuisine at a fab little basement restaurant in Bath called Yak Yeti Yak and our first ever Rodizio at Viva Brazil in Cardiff city centre. Both highly recommended if you love spice and herb and lots of meaty flavour. 







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