Business Post - Why Copyright Stampin' Up! ?

June 11, 2017

You may notice that some of the photos of products in our store and also photos on Instagram, the blog and other social media bear the web address of Crafty Little Things . You may also notice that some photos are the copyright of Stampin' Up!. This can cause confusion as it may look like the things in the photo or indeed the photo itself were lifted from elsewhere and are not the work of Crafty Little Things when in fact every photo of a product is the work of Crafty Little Things.



Often (unless otherwise stated or credited) the work you see is our own original design too... as far as we are aware. When you're hand crafting it's not unusual for someone else on the other side of the world to have 'invented' more or less the same thing as you have without either of you realising it. This can happen especially with crochet and box and bag making as there is only so much you can do to make a box or bag unique.  We do change things up with the decoration and colour but the basic designs may be replicated by hundreds of crafters and so are difficult to claim as original.


Anyway, I digress... so the reason for the Stampin' Up! copyright is not that Stampin' Up! made the product or took the photo, they most definitely did not. However the products used in the making of the item and the designs on the papers, the dies, the stamps, ribbons and such are all Stampin' Up! originals and are protected under copyright and so as part of the Stampin' Up! angel policy which allows us to make and sell as many products as we like using Stampin' Up! materials (some craft suppliers do not allow their products to be used to make items for sale or limit the number of times an image can be used) we are requested to add the copyright.


It protects Stampin' Up!'s designs and it also protects us as demonstrators and users of Stampin' Up! products as if there was a breach of copyright, Stampin' Up! is a much larger and more powerful company than we small business owners are and could pursue action against anyone breaching the copyright far more effectively than we could. 


So if there are no Stampin' Up! materials used in a design there is no copyright in their favour on our images but if we do use the materials then we do copyright the image to Stampin' Up!.


Hope that cleared that up as it has been confusing in the past. If you are a crafter please always check the policy for making and selling goods using a supplier's merchandise so as to not land yourself in hot water. It can be done unwittingly. Also if you do copy a project or are inspired by a project created by another crafter please do credit that person in your blog post or social media share, it's courteous and doesn't take a lot of effort to do.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Monday comes around all too soon.


Andrea x

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