Fantastic Pegs Review

July 9, 2017

Now and then I'll review a product on my blog especially if I'm strongly for or against it, as a recommendation or warning. I'm not paid to review products, if ever I was to be then I would still give my honest opinion and would let my readers know I was being paid. So for this I'm not, I bought these of my own free will, paid the same as anyone else for them and have found them to be one of the best things I've ever bought as a crafter and as a homemaker.



So who doesn't like an item that has several uses? Saves money, time, clutter and all that unnecessaryness. Well take a look at these clothes pegs which are meant for hanging washing out on a line to dry.  Which by the way saves money and environmental damage so is always to be advocated although I do have a tumble drier so I'm not going all eco-warrior on you I'm just mindful of doing a bit rather than nothing. 


These are the best clothes/washing line pegs EVER. They do not rust, they don't go brittle and crumble to nothing in your hands, they don't ping off and end up all over your lawn ready to get spewed out by the lawn mower in a shower or plastic chippings. They hold anything, light weights and heavy weights and they hold well. I live on the east coast where we get some pretty strong windy days and I have often had to go retrieve laundry from a few houses down, but not with these.  They also, as you can see stay all by themselves on the line when not in use.


Now that makes them a great buy already. At £8.99 for 60 and free Amazon Prime next day delivery makes them an even better buy, but wait!... there are more reasons why they are an even better, better buy!


I've discovered that these are perfect for using as:

  • bookmarks... either as they are or you can attach cuteness to them in paper or fabric

  • page holders ... they are great to clip back pages of a book if you're lying down reading and also to hold pages open if you're following a recipe or tutorial

  • paper clips ... great for just grabbing paperwork together, totally unfiddly

  • notice board clips ... easy to fix to a notice board to hold larger documents

  • fabric holders ... great for holding together layers of fabric for sewing, especially quilting

  • clamps... perfect for small craft projects where you might require a little clamping while some adhesive sets or you get things positioned accurately

  • bag closures... fantastic for holding bags closed once they've been opened.. food, freezer or anything you may need to reclose

So go ahead and try some, I doubt you will be disappointed.


Andrea x




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