Candle Making Leftovers

July 10, 2017

What do you do with your left over fragranced melted wax or your production mishaps? 


One of the best things about candle making is that there is usually very little waste as mistakes can be remelted and repoured...taking care with the reheating and its effect on wax and fragrance and colouring of course. Our 'repours' are never sold but given to charity or burned off around the office as are some of our imperfects. However, this is hand made, we're not a factory, so imperfect as long as it's not unsafe or unsightly is the name of the game quite often, it's what makes hand made quirky, fun and unique.



But sometimes if we have a little wax left and our containers or moulds are filled or we've met production quota for that batch then we just tip the melted wax into a big candle jar which we have pre-wicked ready. It just sits on a shelf near the candle making stash and gets added to. Sometimes it even has small chunks or slithers of wax thrown into it which melt eventually and still add to the fragrance pool.  It's not the most visually appealing thing as we obviously just slop that stuff in there so it has drips and drops and frosting of the glass, but we love that imperfection and it kind of balances out the time we have to spend in full concentration mode.


It's a kind of rainbow only with the colours not in the correct order candle and looks quite fun and quirky itself and of course as it burns through the fragrance layers you never know what's coming next and as those fragrances jump into the melt pool there is an interesting mix throwing its scent out there. 


Waste is not good and thankfully in the candle making world you don't really get a lot and what better way to reduce your waste than by creating something else to pleasure and delight the senses?


Would love to hear what other people do with their craft waste whatever media you work with.


Have a great week and think of ways you can put your waste to good use, even if it's just making sure that your paper off cuts and discards do end up in a recyling centre and not in land fill. I've said before that I'm no eco warrior by any means but a little bit of giving back is better than none at all.


Andrea x









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