Business Blogs 4: Integrating Social Media

August 3, 2017

The last Business Blog looked at which social media you should use and really said that to hit as wide a market as possible either directly or indirectly you should weave as many in as possible. The thing is, for the small business owner or sole trader or for someone who is not very adept at using the various social media platforms out there this can be a really difficult thing to do.



If you fall into this category and can not envisage learning to use social media (in this I include blogs, personal/business websites, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest as the main players), then you either have to find someone to help you or not use social media at all. Whilst not using social media at all will not destroy any hope you have of business success it's not going to help you grow either. It may be easier than you think to learn how to use just one social media platform and go from there than to use none at all.


So let's imagine you are going to use two or three types of social media for your business having done the task set out in the last business blog. You want to now integrate them so that they are saying the same thing and making life easier for you. You definitely do not want your social media platforms out of sync with one another or sending out different messages. I've seen businesses who offer one thing on Twitter and an entirely different thing on Facebook. People buying at one price on Instagram and an entirely different price from Facebook. So the first two rules of using social media are:


1. Brand it consistently

2. Make sure that the information you are sending out is consistent across your platforms


So simply, design yourself a logo and a colour scheme and apply it consistently across your sites and whenever you post something post it on all of your sites. If you change something change it on all of your sites. If you're promoting something promote it on all of your sites


To properly integrate you can really simply share between social media with a click or two or set things up so you automatically share across your social media. Most blogs for instance have the capacity to automatically post to Facebook and Twitter when you publish a new post, you don't have to do a thing. You know that the word has gone out consistently. You can share your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest feeds to your blog or website by adding a widget and automatically share Instagram and Twitter posts to Facebook. So take advantage of all of this interconnectivity. Make sure that there are links to all of your other platforms on each platform and easy clickable links on your website and blog. Make sure that you use QR codes and social media codes on your products so that your customers can scan quick with a smart phone and find your sites easily.


It is not as difficult as it may seem to make all of your sites work together for the development of your business without it taking you all day to post, repost, check, delete, amend and adjust.


If you can't do any of this or don't know where to start or could do with some advice on mastering one type of social media to get you going or would just rather hand it all over to someone else to manage then get in touch with Crafty Business Solutions and we'll see what we can do to help further. 


Almost at the end of this series of Business Blogs now, hope they're proving useful in some small way. Any questions just fire them at us we're happy to help.



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