Business Blogs 5: Self Belief

August 4, 2017

Just a quick one today. One of the things which will hold you back from starting your own business and from being successful is a lack of self belief. You have to have faith in yourself and your product, not to a blindingly naive extent but if it is something you want to do then tell yourself you can and follow through with action. Even if your first idea is a disaster pick yourself up and try another one and learn lessons, reflect and do your under pinning work... you will get there in the end.


One of the biggest drains on self-belief is other people. Other people can be negative, place way too many obstacles in the path, be downright rude and offensive and just not very helpful at times. When those people are within your household, your family or friendship groups it can be very hard to combat the effect they can have on your self-belief. 


Where possible remove them from your life and replace with more positive ones or just don't talk about your business to them anymore, make it a no go area, but don't stop aiming for what you want to achieve. I have a little print out I made into a piece of artwork myself in my office right in front of my face, take a look.



You can achieve whatever you want when setting up your own business or working for yourself from home with the right attitude, the right support, determination, hard work and the right tools.  If you need to find that self-belief call me, I'm always happy to share some of mine and help a sister along the way but I'm sure that for every one negative person you encounter there will be more encouraging ones, extend your networks and get involved with like minded people.


You can do it!





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