Everything Must Change

September 14, 2017

You may have noticed that things have been pretty quiet here lately and that's because we've been working so hard behind the scenes to implement essential changes to our business. We could not have predicted what lie in store for us and whilst it was a great blessing, it was also a reason for us to rebrand, rethink and make a few changes.



The first of these which is most important to our blog readers and subscribers is that it was getting a little bit messy having one blog which tried to cover all of the bases in terms of our Crafty Little Things hand made gift retail business, our Crafty Little Business Solutions and our Stampin' Up! Demonstrator elements of our business. So we're separating them out. We now have an up and running dedicated blog for our paper craft projects and demos, competitions and Stampin' Up! promotions. It's called Crafty Little Blog and is accessible at www.craftylittleblog.com. We would absolutely love for you to go over there and sign up and show some love.  We will still share some of the posts from there on this blog from time to time and vice versa but only where it makes absolute sense to do so.  That may be a copy of the post or it may just be a link.

We've changed our brand and logo to something more fitting our retail business and have lots of different versions to suit social media and our paperwork. We will gradually swap out our documentation for that with the new logo on but it may take time to do that so in the mean time all of our documents are still valid even if they bear the old logo.


We're setting Crafty Business Solutions up as a stand alone website which will be linked from here but needed a more corporate feel so that will have a new logo all of its own and will launch as a business in the new year. In the meantime we're still going to offer advice and support to small hand crafted businesses through this blog.


We will now be able to post more reviews and our thoughts on products, suppliers, materials, postal couriers and the like. So we are really looking forward to doing that more in the future and making Crafty Little Things UK Blog a little bit more of a lifestyle type blog/craft blog.


Thank you for bearing with us. We've so many new products to add to the store and are so excited to be so close to opening. We know that we've been here before but sometimes things happen for a reason and we're actually very fortunate that we did have the delays we had as it allowed so many other opportunities to open up to help us provide better products and service to our customers.


We are so grateful for your patience and can not wait to show you what we have been doing.




Andrea x




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