A Day In The Life - Snapchat

October 8, 2017

We're doing a little experiment and using Snapchat  to offer live, as it happens little sneak peeks into the life of a craft business owner. What do we do with all of that time we have when we are not doing other things? How many hours do  we really put in? What is it like working from home, how are days structured, what do our craft and work spaces look like? What else happens in our day to take us away from work? All that kind of good stuff.


It's just for fun and maybe some of it will become useful to anyone trying to do the same and set up a hand made home business. We can't show everything, it's just not practical with the Snapchat media, we are just showing snippets but if you think you may find it interesting then we're making daily stories throughout this month so pop along and have a look.


We're craftything1 on Snapchat so you can search and follow if you like or just Snap or Screenshot our Link below










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