Easy Craft Fayre Ideas

November 5, 2017

Over on our papercraft blog at www.craftylittleblog.com and on our You Tube channel we are hosting a craft fayre extravaganza! Perhaps that's a little OTT, but we are posting a series of 7 back to back, that's one a day, easy papercraft projects perfect for a craft fayre stand/stall.


They are easy and quick to make projects which mostly use up off cuts and so are really economical and great for busting the stash if you like to have an end of year purge.


So why not pop over and check out what we're getting up to?



www.craftylittleblog.com for our papercraft blog


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOm_i2GbnHo6tq17U80k8Cw?view_as=subscriber for our You Tube channel. 


Why not subscribe while you're there so you don't miss out on our fab upcoming projects.? Every supporter of what we do is hugely appreciated and warms our crafty little heart.


Have a fab Sunday.


Andrea x

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