Super cute alternative flower coaster crochet along

April 27, 2018

Check out my video tutorial on how to make these delightful flower coasters perfect for outdoor décor this summer. 



These also can be used as make up remover/cleansing cloths for the face when made in 100% cotton or as little soft wash pads for a tiny one's bath time. 


They're washable, dry quickly and will save money as well as some environmental impacts of cotton wool and wipe use. 


I use only recycled cotton in my products to go that little bit further to help cut down on waste.


I used a 4mm hook and white DK craft cotton along with a coloured cotton which I used two strands of. My white was from Marriner Yarns and my colours from the Drops range.


To start I made a magic ring into which I crocheted 6 Single Crochet (I worked in US terms)


For the second round I increased so I put 2 SC into each stitch around (12)

Next I increased again putting in 1SC and then 2SC in the next stitch repeating around 6 times in total to give me 18 stitches

I did this again 1SC, 1SC, 2SC 6 times to give me 24 stitches

And again 1SC, 1SC, 1SC, 2SC 6 times to give me 30 stitches

Finally 1SC, 1SC, 1SC, 1SC, 2SC 6 times to give me 36 stitches


Then I added the petals by adding my new colour into any stitch, skipping a stitch, adding 5 DC into the next stich, skipping a stitch, adding a slip stitch, skipping a stitch, adding 5 DC into the next, skipping a stitch, adding a slip stitch and repeating all the way around for 9 petals in total. At the end I slip stitched into the point where I added my new colour and finished off.


You can play around with colours adding in rows of different colours as you wish. These are so much fun to make and so easy.



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