Big and Little Crochet Throw

May 8, 2018

A viewer on my You Tube channel said she was having trouble with the pattern for the throw on the cover of the second Big & Little book. I told her I'd have a go and see what I thought and video my results.


Well I didn't find anything wrong with the pattern but did find that it is super easy to make this gorgeous throw. My viewer told me that the yarn recommended is sold out and I used a simple chunky yarn that I had in my stash from Marriner which is just £1.25 for a 100gm ball. You could track down a similar yarn to that used in the pattern though, just keep in mind that yarn weight.


I also found that perhaps the problem came from the terminology. The books use UK terms and a lot of crocheters (even true Brit myself) use US terms because that's what we've been taught in.  So where they call for a dtrb and a dtrf they are asking you to sew a double treble around the back of a post and a double treble around the front of a post respectively. Abbreviated by the b and f in the overall abbreviation.


The pattern also calls for "stitching into" when creating these stitches and of course they are not stitched into a previous stitch they are "worked around the post of the stitch in the round before".


A front post is where the yarn is worked (as if this isn't confusing enough) through the back of the work and across the front of the post of the stitch) and a back post is where the yarn is worked behind the post of a stitch. The front post effectively pushes the stitch backward and forms a ridge on the reverse of the side you're working whereas the back post pushes the stitch forward and forms a ridge on the side you are working. This alternating of the front and back post stitching creates a ribbed effect.


In the video I try to show how this is done and do attempt to simplify it a couple of times throughout so if you do have trouble with these stitches do watch.


I'm going to complete the throw and demonstrate how to add tassles but that could take a while. 


The video is here if you want to take a look.


Andrea x

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