Big and Little Crochet Hexagons 5, 6 & 7

May 29, 2018

I had a lovely influx of Big and Little Crochet books recently, receiving a free revised copy of book 4 (due to the pattern error in the original), my free book which was number 5 and my scheduled copies numbers 6 and 7. I also received more rose and slate yarn to work on more projects and a new colour was introduced with book 7, a kind of teal shade called Petrol. It's a gorgeous colour.


On top of all this I received a free gift of a little plastic container with all of the tools you need to crochet (besides hooks and yarn). It had a pair of snips, a couple of large plastic yarn needles, some stitch markers and a fab little side over your hook stitch counter. There was also a useful tape measure in inches and centimeters.



I did film tutorials for each of the 3 new hexagons and uploaded to my You Tube channel. I've also recently reworked the final hexagon much more close up and slowly as a viewer commented that they were struggling with it, so I hope that will help those who may be finding number 7 a little tricky. In terms of how it looks, this last one is my favourite, it's so lacy and delicate and it's so nice not to have to change yarn... less ends to sew in when you're done.


So the review of my new books is in this video along with the tutorial for hexagon 5.

The tutorial for hexagon 6 is here.

The tutorial for hexagon 7 is here.

The absolute beginners close up and slow version of hexagon 7 is here.


I hope these videos help you to make your way through the patterns. There are some good skills being taught and developed with this latest batch, especially the pop corn stitch and working large stitches into chains and spaces.


Any questions do ask or pop them on the Big and Little Crochet Facebook page, they are really great at responding and love to see our work.


If you haven't yet subscribed to Big and Little and are thinking of it I'd recommend it, perhaps not for absolute beginners but as a part work I'm really loving it and feel it may be more beneficial to new crocheters once they are a few volumes in.


Have fun!


Andrea x

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