Treasured Memories


Memory Book Class & Bereavement Support

Turning treasured photos into beautiful 12 x 12 memory book pages. Capturing wonderful moments to keep and display while sharing memories and stories of your lost loved one/s in a supportive group.

"He has only been gone six months and I already feel like I'm sharing the same stories over and over with people who don't really want to listen"

"I feel as if every time I talk about her and how I feel without her that it makes people feel awkward so I just don't talk about her anymore and that makes it worse."

"I don't want him to be forgotten but I can't talk about him and share my memories because my friends and family think I should be 'over it'' by now. They just don't get it. I'll never be over it."

"Sometimes I just want to tell funny stories about her and laugh or cry and for it not to make people feel awkward. That's all I need."

"I can't forget them. I don't want to forget them. Nobody seems to want me to talk about them."

"I know he was only a dog to some people but he was my best friend and I can't just forget about him."


At a Treasured Memories class you are welcome to share your stories and memories, to laugh and cry while capturing special moments for a memory  book knowing that everyone around you understands and wants to do the same.

When piecing together pretty pages under expert instruction week on week not only will you create a memory book to be proud of but you will build supportive relationships and feel that it's OK to grieve regardless of how long it is since your loved one passed away or who it was... parent, friend, child or pet.

You can build a memory book around one person or around more than one person who you have lost. While chatting and having a cuppa.

All materials are provided and each course runs for 10 weeks with week 10  being free if you complete the course. You can sign up for another course after you have completed the first ten weeks if you want to keep adding pages.

You can be an absolute beginner to paper craft and scrapbooking or an absolute expert.

What is included?

Each session is bookable online or by telephone and costs just £10. If you buy a course of 10 sessions the cost is just £90 for the course. If you attend 10 sessions in a row your 10th session is refunded in cash at the session. How the course is constructed is explained at the first session. 

For your £10 you receive

  • A 2 hour session with a qualified teacher who is an experienced papercrafter

  • All materials you need for that week's project (you have to bring your own photo/s but we do offer a printing and restoration service from just £1 per image)

  • A reinforced plastic wallet to keep your work safe on the journey home

  • The support of fellow group members which will include a trained counsellor who is also a group participant dealing with their own loss.

  • Sign posting to appropriate professional support should you wish.

  • Tea, coffee and bickies... maybe even a cake now and then

  • Membership of an exclusive Facebook Group

  • Information sheets to help you prepare for the next session

You can buy your own memory book or you can purchase one from Make That Change at a cost of £9.  We use blank books to keep cost down but also so that we can decorate them in week 10 of the course.

Click here to purchase a memory book which will be handed to you at the class.

Treasured Memories classes were developed by Crafty Little Things UK in collaboration with Make That Change - The Ben Glean Trust. You can read about Make That Change HERE.


All profit from Treasured Memories classes goes to Make That Change and is 100% used to deliver acts of kindness and charity in Ben's local area on the anniversary of his passing to local causes helping people in need.

If our class day, time or venue does not suit you please drop us a line with what would suit you and if we receive a few similar requests we will set up another class, no problem.

We welcome

  • Any age as long as you are 18 or over

  • Men and women

  • Group bookings

  • A carer to assist you free of charge (the carer will not be provided with materials but will be provided with refreshments)

  • Beginners to experts

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